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House2House (English Edition)

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Well-designed board games have been shown to be quite helpful in teaching, especially for kids, because the learning takes place as a side consequence of the actual playing, which is mainly for fun. This Jehovah's Witnesses board game, called the House to House Board Game, is fun, family oriented and geared toward the interactive learning of Bible Scriptures. It encourages the family to join in an activity to promote bonding while helping them better understand God's Word. The game includes three sets of cards:

1. Scriptural question cards
2. How-would-you-respond-cards
3. Conversation stopper cards

There's also a playing board, playing pieces, a die, timer, score sheet and 'miss turn' card holders. Scriptures found in Bible Topics for Discussion, located on the last pages of the New World Translation (1984 edition), are used to answer the scriptural questions, while answers to the how-would-you-respond and conversation stopper questions are from Reasoning from the Scriptures. This House 2 House board game is a fun, family and interactive learning game that will help publishers to get to know most of the scriptures that can be used in every form of the Christian ministry. Furthermore, this board game for Jehovah's Witnesses encourages family bonding and is meaningful purposeful fun.