Good bye, so long, à bientôt, Bis bald, hasta a luego, arrivederci, slán go fóill, hamarosan találkozunk, Tot ziens, Do zobaczenia wkrótce, Te vejo em breve

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A Letter to our Dear Customers

It has been an exciting time since 2006 when Ministry Gallery was created with the intention of designing practical
articlesfor our brothers and sisters to use in their ministry. This work has supported my wife and I in our pioneer

We have also had the pleasure of working together with over ten of our brothers and sisters during this period.
Most of these brothers and sisters were regular pioneers. For a time, we were all pioneers working at
Ministry Gallery! We really have appreciated their help, support and friendship.

However, due to some recent health issues, the moving on of some members of staff and a desire to move
forward ourselves withnew plans, we have taken the decision to close down.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their kind support over the years and we hope
that you have found our products both attractive and useful.

We are now selling off our remaining stock at a discount. Please take full advantage of this opportunity
which will be open for a very limited time, until 31 March 2018, when we plan to close our doors.

From your Brothers and Sisters

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