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Field Service Assistant for iPhone/iPod Touch, The field service application records time and placements, and emails your report at the end of the month. It manages return visits and studies, syncs them to your computer, and can provide directions to your calls via the maps application. It can do this for up to four different users.
FieldServicePal - For Windows / Windows Mobile
Field Service Pal is a basic app to assist fellow Jehovah's Witnesses to record their activities in the field ministry. tool for Jehovah's Witnesses. This software manages the literature orders & inventory for your congregation. It has a straightforward interface and plenty of functionality to simplify your duties as a Literature Coordinator, Servant, or Assistant. It is designed for use directly at the Kingdom Hall, capable of handling multiple congregations, or it can be used at home. This software is FREE, but donations are appreciated. Organiser - This program is particularly useful service overseers. Windows application- Field Service / Ministry Organiser
Meeting and School Organiser. Particularly useful for school overseers, account servants and service overseers. Illustration Library -Perhaps the most comprehensive compilation of theocratic illustrations, lessons, maxims, and poems in a single volume. You can also add your own illustrations!

P.S If you've stumbled upon on any others that we may have missed, please feel free to share them here :)


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