2017 "Don't Give Up!" Special Convention Buttons & Magnet Pins

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Make a memento for our 2017 Special "Don't Give Up!" Conventions with these delightful 2017 Special Convention Buttons & Magnet Pins.
From Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Madagascar, Indonesia, Romania, Italy and Austria to you, take back a little souvenir from this year's special events.

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Our Wonderful 2017 "Don't Give Up!" Special Convention Magnet and Clothing Pins.

These wonderfully designed Convention Badges will truly serve as a delightful memento to Our Special "Don't Give Up!" Conventions 2017.
Whether it's for all the friends and brothers and sisters you get to meet, or for you and your family, take a little souvenir to help remember your special time!

Available in two varieties - Square Magnet Pins

Choose from the following wonderful range of Badges that span the globe:

Bolivia: The land of Manta Hats and Pollera Dresses

Canada: You may Bump into a Moose!

Madagascar: Watch Out! These Ring-Tailed Lemurs may well steal your Lunch!.

Indonesia: The land of Kebaya Costumes and Bagonjang Roofs

Italy: Ciao!, to all our Signore and Senoritas

Romania: Make sure to share your Sarmale!

Available in packs of 5.

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