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House2House Board Game


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House2House Board Game is a fun, family and interactive learning game that will help publishers to get to know most of the scriptures that can be used in every form of the Christian ministry (e.g House-to-House) . It can be played among fellow Christian brothers/sisters or family members.

BENEFITS: Promotes improvement in scriptural knowledge, fosters bible study consciousness and enables strategic thinking. This game also encourages family bonding and is meaningful, purposeful fun.

THE GOAL: The goal of this game is to become familiar with selected scriptures found in Bible Topics for Discussion (these are located at the last few pages of the New World Translation of the Hebrew Scriptures), How Would You Respond and Conversation Stoppers (these are located in Reasoning from the Scriptures Book). Knowing and using these scriptures can enable any Kingdom Publisher acquire sufficient "Bible studies", "Return visits", "Magazines", "Brochures", "Hours" while covering preaching territories - on the board. For the purpose of playing this game, you will be performing well if you acquire the most score in the following order -   "Bible studies", "Return visits", "Magazines", "Brochures", "Hours"

Dimension: 27 x 27 x 5 cm

Weight: 1.35 kg

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