Don't Give Up! Circuit Assembly Notebook - SPIRAL BOUND & PRINTED

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OR Download the PDF Version FREE in the "Attachments" tab below.


OR Download the PDF Version FREE in the "Attachments" tab above

Help get yourself and your family ready for our upcoming circuit assemblies with these wonderful assembly notebooks. Each notebook includes headings for each talk, including the names of the various talks and items, with their associated Bible verse. It also includes space enough for you to write the plenty of notes you might need to help you recall for later with a half-page of lines for each symposium and a full-page for each talk.
Make the most of your special assembly day!

► What you're getting
This listing is for the spiral bound version of our 2017/2018 Circuit Assembly notebook. Just select which one you'd like from the drop down menu.
Each notebook comes to you spiral bound, already printed and secured with high quality plastic covers to the front and back to protect your notebook. Each page of your notebook comes printed with top quality colour ink to ensure the best readability for during your assembly/convention.

The talk titles and program was provided by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and found on The purpose of this notebook is so that we have the talk titles already in front of us, and enough space to take good notes during this special event this year.

In 2014 some 73,871 downloaded the convention/assembly notebooks, and this was what some of them said..

"...we truly appreciate the work that goes into all aspects of providing these great notebooks. We first started using them for our son, but then quickly say haw helpful they were for us as adults! (minus the cute pictures and word searches :)) We are so thankful that you have chosen to use your knowledge and generosity to help the rest of us! Thanks so much!"

"With four kids to prep for, we used to spend hours preparing kids notebooks for the assemblies & conventions. Now, thanks to you, it makes this a snap! With all the concerns & details related to getting a large family off to a convention, we so appreciate all the help we can get!"

"My daughter loves them and asks for them at every assembly. Thanks for your time."

P.S - A Special shout out of thanks to Hannah for providing these wonderful notebooks.
Thanks again Hannah :)

ENGLISH Don’t Give Up in Doing What Is Fine! (CA-copgm18_E.pdf, 15,292 Kb) [Download]

ENGLISH Don’t Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ! (CA-brpgm18_E.pdf, 15,754 Kb) [Download]

FRENCH Ne renoncez pas à faire ce qui est excellent ! (CA-copgm18_F.pdf, 2,066 Kb) [Download]

FRENCH Ne renoncez pas à accomplir la loi du Christ ! (CA-brpgm18_F.pdf, 3,232 Kb) [Download]

GERMAN Gib nicht auf, das zu tun, was vortrefflich ist! (CA-copgm18_D.pdf, 705 Kb) [Download]

GERMAN Gib nicht auf, das Gesetz des Christus zu erfüllen! (CA-brpgm18_D.pdf, 934 Kb) [Download]

tres heureuse d 'avoir trouve ce cahier merci grandement
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